The Girlfriends

Getting what he can

Getting what he can

Over the entire course of Seinfeld, Costanza has had an extreme amount of girlfriends. All relationships ended up as failures due to Costanza’s lack of compassion and/or patience. While “in reality”/outside the sitcom, these daily issues with people would be completely frowned upon due to the lack of compassion or respect for individuality, Costanza’s actions within a sitcom allows the audience to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situations.


A condensed list of George’s girlfriends and the hijinks that ensued with the individual relationships:

  • Patrice in “The Truth” (3.2) – Breaks it off with her due to the way she pronunciation habits. (Ends up in a mental institution because of this break-up.)
  • Audrey in “The Nose Job” (3.9) – Admits to Audrey’s beauty, but focuses on her large nose.
  • Scam Woman in “The Subway” (3.13) – Kidnaps George and steals his money and suit after flirting with him on the subway.
  • Carrie in “The Boyfriend, Part 2” (3.18) – Dates Carrie, the unemployment officer’s daughter, in order to curb losing his benefits.
  • Susan Ross: First introduced in “The Pitch” (4.3) – After blowing an important NBC pitch meeting with Jerry, George asks Susan out. She then gets vomited on by Kramer. This relationship lasts for about a year. They eventually get engaged, but Susan dies due to toxic envelope glue on her wedding invitations.
  • Sylvia in “The Cigar Store Indian” (5.10) – Brings her to his parent’s house, trying to convince her that it is his house.
  • Julie in “The Big Salad” (6.2) – Takes credit for buying Elaine’s “big salad” she asked for.


As George spends the series dating and dating, hoping to find someone who does not annoy him or have an awful quirk about them, the trial-and-tribulations the audience endures guarantees a laugh. George’s lack of compassion or even compensation in relationships becomes apparent at the very beginning of Seinfeld; thus, when George starts dating, it acts like a hint to the audience, saying, “Wait until you see what’s wrong with this one.” It can confidently be said that in almost every situation, George is the wrong one, allowing the audience to laugh at his failures.

It has been noted that Costanza had about 43 girlfriends during the entirety of the Seinfeld series. Susan Ross seems to be the only elongated relationship George has, but she eventually passes away in a nonchalant manner.


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